Jopasu Car Care Small Combo Pack
Jopasu Car Care Small Combo Pack
Jopasu Car Care Small Combo Pack

Jopasu Car Care Small Combo Pack

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Those who are on the lookout for an entire range of utility products for the car, which will make day-to-day cleaning processes easier, may shop online for the Jopasu Car Care Small Combo Pack. Available at an affordable price, the combo is inclusive of a car duster and a magic wipe. Not only are the products in this pack unique in design but they are highly utilitarian as well. This Jopasu combo pack is all you require to take care of your car and housekeeping needs. Additionally, the products save water as well.

Clean your car with absolute ease
This car duster by Jopasu will solve most of your issues of accumulated dust on your car. The cleaning head features wax treated cotton threads that trap more dust without leaving any scratch marks and is also easily washable. Its long handle helps to reach difficult areas on car tops and curated handle allows for comfortable grip while cleaning. With this product, your car cleaning task is going to be a cake walk. The duster also comes with a bag for easy storage.

Specially wax treated cotton strands
The duster features cotton strands that have been treated with wax for an extra smooth coating. It cleans dust more efficiently and leaves no scratch marks on the surface.

The mop at the head of the duster is washable. This allows easy removal of collected dust and debris, so that the next time you have to dust your car it is as fresh as a new one!

Curated plastic handle
The duster comes with a long plastic handle that allows you to easily dust even the middle of the car's roof. Besides, design of the handle allows for a comfortable grip that does not leave one with painful wrists after long sessions of dusting.

Comes with a storage bag
A storage bag is included with this duster from Jopasu. It is opaque in nature and allows for easy storage. Keeping the duster inside the bag keeps it clean and prevents dust contamination of other objects.

Sturdy construction
Sturdy construction of the mop makes for a prolonged service life. The plastic handle does not suffer from easy dents or cracks because of this sturdy and durable construction.

Dusts quick and easy
This duster from Jopasu does not require use of water or soap or detergents. Simply wiping it across the surface gathers and waves off the accumulated dust. Therefore, if you are looking for easy cleaning of your car, this duster is ideal for you.

Jopasu Magic Wipe
Measuring 40.64 cm in length and width, this wipe has a GSM count of approximately 380. It also features a revolutionary ultra-fine microfiber technology. Here too, the capillary effect between the filaments and the nylon core helps in effectively removing moisture from the exterior of your car, without scratching it. Its superb water retention and absorption capacity makes it suitable for multiple purposes.

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