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Blaupunkt BP 2.1 FHD Dashcam Digital Video Recorder
Blaupunkt BP 2.1 FHD Dashcam Digital Video Recorder
Blaupunkt BP 2.1 FHD Dashcam Digital Video Recorder
Blaupunkt BP 2.1 FHD Dashcam Digital Video Recorder
Blaupunkt BP 2.1 FHD Dashcam Digital Video Recorder

Blaupunkt BP 2.1 FHD Dashcam Digital Video Recorder

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    Digital Video Recorder (DashCam) for cars. 120 degree ultra - wide viewing angle, 1080p Video Resolution

    Are you afraid to park your car in unfamiliar places? Fear no more because here comes the Blaupunkt DVR BP 2.1 FHD Video Recorder with features like 1080p HD video recording, motion detection, G-sensor and more, this product is a must-have for all the drivers out there who love their car. This device features an exquisite and phenomenal camera which records with extreme efficiency and top notch quality for your convenience. With this recorder expect nothing but best in class performance to cater to all your needs.

    Design versatility

    The Blaupunkt BP 2.1 FHD digital video recorder is a small and compact model (60x30x60 mm). The DVR is designed to ensure road safety and reduce injuries on the road by raising awareness. The camera is made in black, which looks not only beautiful, but will also perfectly match the interior of your car.

    Display characteristic

    The device is equipped with a 2-inch color display, thanks to which, you can watch the footage directly in the cabin of your car. In this case, the record can be used as key evidence if a dispute arises during a collision of a vehicle and other illegal actions. Shooting is useful as a witness in the event of any traffic event. Additionally, the DVR can be used to record travel or beautiful landscapes while driving a car.

    Easy installation

    The BP 2.1 FHD DVR is very easy to install. For installation, you do not need to interfere with the electronic circuits of the car, unless you have special requirements. You can stick it on the front windshield using a transparent silicone adhesive tape and a plastic clip under the camera. As soon as you put the tape on the windshield of the car, it will automatically stick. When you are happy with its location, click on the plastic clip and lock the installation.

    G-sensor function

    The G-sensor is another feature of the Blaupunkt BP 2.1 digital video camera. As soon as activity appears in the video frame, the camera will start shooting, which is very good from a security point of view. Recording can be turned on either manually or automatically - by a signal from a motion or shock sensor, which are included in the design of the mechanism. In this case, the motion sensor mainly serves to automatically activate recording. The shock sensor (accelerometer) is most often used to enable protection of previously recorded files, so that in the event of an accident, stop recording, save files and block their possible deletion.

    Video recording

    The mechanism records in high quality, so even the smallest details on the video will be clearly distinguishable. There are 5 different resolutions available for shooting video, such as VGA (640x480), WVGA (848x480), 720P (1280x720), 1080P (1440x1080) and 1080 FHD (1920x1080).


    Similarly, there are various resolutions for photographing, such as 12M (4032x3024), 10M (3648x2736), 8M (3264x2448), 5M (2592x1944), 3M (2048x1536), 2MHD (1920x1080), VGA (640x480), 1.3M ( 1280x960). It completely depends on your preferences, and by going into the camera settings, you can decide what quality and resolution you want to choose.