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Universal Cable Protectors (Pack of Two) - Black
Universal Cable Protectors (Pack of Two) - Black
Universal Cable Protectors (Pack of Two) - Black

Universal Cable Protectors (Pack of Two) - Black

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    Tired of Replacing your Charging Cables?
    Add a permanent fix to all those damaged phone charging cables. It perfectly works as a cable strain relief or a critter cord. It covers the area where the charging cable meets the charging plug preventing any bend at the weakest point. Now you won't have to deal with cable repair and frayed wire repair.

    Add Style to your Charging Cables
    These Silicone Spiral cable protectors are designed to provide protection to your phone charging cables and cords. Prevent your cable ends from ever breaking or detaching again. Besides protecting all Your USB cables / cords, the Lightning Cable Protector feels surprisingly nice and is fun to install on any wire ends.

    Supported Devices
    The Cable protector works with virtually all computer and cellphone cables. You can even use it in almost anything like as pet cable protector, chew safe cord protector, cord protectors from pets, wire protector from pets and as a wire protector tubing for phone and computer cables including cell phones, headphones, computers, laptops, Apple / Android watches, lightning cables, PCs. Not suitable for flat cables.

    Simple Installation
    Every order comes with a pack of 2 protectors. Wrap the cable protector onto your preferred cable as a charger end piece on each side of the cable. The Lightning Cable Protector will wrap around any wire just like a protective sleeve would but with more mobility.